.Esther Bennenbroek

I am Esther and I am proud to tell you that I am a creator. I used to think that I couldn't create anything because I wasn’t able to make a painting or picture that touches half of the world's population. Or I am not really able to create something with my hands like a table or a chair (I do think I am a good sander though). But through valuable experiences of all kinds I’ve learned that creating new things is based on four simple needs:

  • You have to know how to listen to the people you’re creating for and use that information in the right way
  • You have to add your expertise and a dose of willfulness
  • You must want to learn, learn, learn and therefore you have to make mistakes but you will get better
  • You have to believe in what you’re doing

The past and the present show me that I am good at these things. With the prove of an app I’ve created for people who are terminally ill and now my own company with thankful customers.

I thought I wasn’t talented but I am gifted with the ability to think in solutions. My parents gave me my determination: stand for what you’re doing, don’t give up, don’t walk away from an unfinished job. And I taught myself to always make things surprising, remarkable and something to remember.

I am schooled as a marketer. But my personality and my experiences have both you and me so much more to offer.


  • 2011 — Project Management Training
  • 2009 — 2010 Marketing Training Saxion
  • 2003 — 2007 Bachelor Marketing Management
  • 2006 — 2007 Minor Arts and Culture
  • 1997 — 2003 HAVO (pre-academic high school)


Dutch 1 2 3 4 5
English 1 2 3 4 5
German 1 2 3 4 5
French 1 2 3 4 5


Problem Solving
Personal approach
Clear communication


2011 — 2017 Concept Developer — Cooperatie DELA

As a concept developer it was my job to create new products and services for cooperatie DELA, a large insurance company in the Netherlands, specialized in funeral insurance and providing funerals. In a small team we developed new products based on evidence: in ten weeks from a sticky note to a prototype with a business case using the agile work method. With testwebsites, Facebook advertisements and interviews we collected as much data as possible to prove the value of an idea.

  • Implemented a companywide vision about what it means for our customers that we are a cooperation instead of a commercial organization
  • I was responsible for a pilot to help start-ups to live up to their dreams
  • Implemented a companywide online forum
  • Created and implemented a service for the 3 million members of the company where they could get help with questions about living wills and other juridical documents
  • I was in the lead to reach the goals we had as a team, 10.000 users in 3 years
  • Marketing communication: developing the website for this service including the content and being responsible for SEA and SEO
  • I set up a network of notaries that were affiliated with our company so our members were able to arrange their juridical documents for a good price
.Before You Leave (www.beforeyouleave.nl)
I am very proud of the concept for a mobile app I’ve developed at DELA. This app helps people to have conversations about things that matter with a family member or friend who is terminally ill.

2014 — 2016 Columnist — “Uit in Eindhoven”, cultural newspaper

Together with the chief editor I’ve developed a concept to create in depth articles in cooperation with all the cultural partners in the city. Every month I had a conversation with a general manager, an employer or somebody related to a cultural organization. After that I wrote this person a letter and he or she wrote a letter back to me. Both letters were published in the newspaper, with a circulation of 45.000 copies monthly.

2008 — 2011 Marketeer — Library of Eindhoven

It was my responsibility to increase the number of adult members of the library . We believed that the library was more than a ‘book factory’ where books just leave and come back. To make this change I did the following:

  • Wrote and implemented a strategic marketing plan
  • Managed marketing budgets
  • Responsible for targets: number of adult members, number of library visitors, book loans, activities and online results (page views, visitors, social media use)
  • Managed communication specialists, front office and back office employees
  • Organized programs (150 a year) with lectures and other activities; from meet ups with famous Dutch writers to lectures about stress by doctors from the local hospital.

2007 — 2008 Recruiter — Randstad

I was responsible for a small branch with one other co-worker. It felt like we were running our own little company. Together we were responsible for a number of people who were working for us, and for making the monthly revenue target.


I am a person who can see beauty in a lot of little things. Most of the times in experiences. I can say that I am an explorer in a way. I am fascinated by art and I can get lost in surrealistic paintings. I love traveling to come in contact with people from all different cultures to observe the way they live. I also enjoy the overwhelming beauty of nature.

Traveling through China, Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, the United States, Jordan and a lot of European countries gave me the insight to be patient and to be satisfied with everything I have. I get inspired by weird stuff. I love Alice in Wonderland, literature, getting enriched in museums, hiking in the woods. Wanderlust. That’s what it is.