The story of Hooplakay

“It really isn’t all that difficult”

We are Esther & John, the proud founders of Hooplakay. We were both born and raised in The Netherlands and we live in Ohio. As much as we love each other, traveling, old stuff, crazy little knick-knacks, books and discovering together we also both love to turn a good idea into a complete concept and give it an online life as fast as possible.

Hoop·la·kay /hōō·plä·kā/ exclamation: Used to show that something went easier than one thought would be possible. Origin: Dutch “Hoeplakee”.

Somewhere along the road we’ve discovered that we both want to create. We want to help small companies who think that online solutions are out of reach because they assume they can’t afford it, or don’t have enough knowledge.

Our company is named ‘Hooplakay’ for a reason. It comes from the Dutch expression ‘hoeplakee’, which is used when something went easier than you thought was possible, and that’s how we want you to feel after working with us.

Things don’t have to be difficult and expensive. We’ll develop something you love because we combine listening to you with our experience and knowledge.