Our customers: Mark

Mark had a great opportunity. He just got back from months of campertraveling trough Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries and was starting as a freelancer, when he was asked to introduce himself to a Chinese company to help them with their organization structure and work processes.

Mark wanted a professional personal presentation so he could show the Chinese company that he was the right person to help them, even though he didn’t have experience in the branche. He asked us to create that presentation for him.

What we did

We created a personal website that outlined his qualifications, his resume, and that showed his plans for this specific customer. Mark trusted us, and let us create something for him that he didn't think was possible in such a short period of time. Within a few days, he had an online document that looked better than he thought was possible.

What's fun about working with Mark:

Mark is one of the smartest people we know. We truly believed he should got this chance to prove that he could do it. With his capacities and perseverance he makes a difference. It was easy for us to find the right words and design to convince others.

Services Provided:

Copy Writing

Want to know what happened?

A few weeks later, Mark send us this video from Xiamen in China. They invited him to come to China to give advice and get to know each other, and it may lead to more assignments.