Our customers: USP Netherlands

Customer: USP Netherlands
We work with: Niek & Lotte

What's fun about working with them:

Niek is able to trust other people and give them a chance to share their ideas or visions. This is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to learn. He believes that combining powers makes everything stronger and that makes working with him inspiring.

Lotte is a smart, funny and always enthousiastic fast working and thinking woman, who is not afraid to make decisions. Working with her is a real pleasure because of her flexibility and her ability to climb so many mountains in so little time.

Services Provided:

Concept Development
Copy Writing

What USP says about us


“They’re always energetic and their enthusiasm affects our team. They create independently and Esther is able to encourage us in a positive but also critical way.”


“Esther knows how to create concepts in a creative and vigorous way that fits the target group perfectly and John adds the necessary technical skills and design aspects to make it complete.”

Niek and Ruud, the founders of USP, are two Dutch entrepreneurs. Always looking for possibilities and ready to diverge the market with new, sometimes controversial plans.

What they wanted

Since they both have a background in funeral services they’ve seen a lot of changes in the funeral business. In the Netherlands there are a lot of funeral directors that work by themselves. Niek and Ruud have the goal to unify them so they can focus on what they’re good at: being a great support to families that just lost somebody, and taking over the administrative and organizational part of the business.

They came to us because they wanted to convince partners to work with them to build a network of organizations and software components that a funeral director can rely on. Lotte has created and collected a lot of information that they would need to cooperate with their possible partners but the bigger vision and the best way to present their ideas were lacking.

What we did

We created a concept for USP to connect partners to their network. After we wrote the ‘why-how-what’ highlights down and discussed them with Lotte and Niek, we started to develop the online solution. This gives their potential partners the opportunity to get so well informed that they become interested in the concept of USP. The solution is a document with a lot of information you need before you want to step into something new but presented in a more visual way so you can start with the highlights and browse deeper step by step.

Concept development

To develop a concept we start looking from the viewpoint of the potential partner and ask the “what’s in it for me?” question. We can take a few steps back from the original idea, look at it from a distance and be critical in case something is not clear or missing. In case of USP we discovered three benefits for partners: more customers, the ability to sell more products and generating more revenue. After that we started to write down how the cooperation would work and after that what USP would do to make it successful. Why — how — what.


We love visual websites were you first see the basic information you need without distractions, that guides you naturally to more details if you need them. That’s why we work with pop-ups with short text explanations.


Because website visitors can use a wide variety of devices nowadays, our solutions are always responsive. Things need to look good on every possible screen size, and navigation and other necessary functions should work intuitively across all devices and browsers. Off-the-shelf templates do not always work, so our responsive solutions are custom made when necessary.


When telling a story, you want your message to hit home. Therefore you need a mix of knowledge about a target group, knowing what the company’s style is, and a little bit of your own expertise. Goal number one was to draw the potential partners’ attention and make them interested with the homepage and give clear information to keep them interested. Because it is a business to business solution for people with a lot of experience in the field but it is also new and revolutionary we’ve chosen a mix of short, firm, fresh and business language.